Thursday, December 9, 2010

FAQ (well, question)

Recently I've gotten the same question a few times about the chronological discontinuity that is my released and unreleased material.
So, in the effort to bring some clarity, here is what I've written, released and unreleased, with explanations about when they were written:

8-Legged Dance Moves (Demo 2005) - written, you guessed it, in 2005. Released in 2005, deleted from the internet in 2006, and re-released in 2010

The Album Formerly Known As "8-Legged Dance Moves" - written between 2005 and 2006. Most of the songs we re-recorded in 2007 and 2008. Released in 2009, due to some hold-ups with the art and manufacturing process.

Perfect Life & Other Stuff - A full length album written in 2006. The songs had a different feel than those that were written for TAFKA8LDM. I don't know when I will get to record this, but I am going to re-do a lot of the synths and will be hiring a metal drummer (lots of double kick stuff. I think I know just the guy...)
The title is pretty much indicative of the tone. Life felt totally incredible back then with a few minor setbacks.

Scissor Shock split - Written and recorded in 2007. An additional track was recorded in 2008 for the download-only release, which is kind of hard to find.

Dusk/Dawn EP - Written in 2007. I actually started to record these in 2007 as well, but I didn't like the way it sounded and scrapped everything except the compositions.
I plan on releasing it, but I have no idea when I'll get to that.
Written during a very low point in my life, before, and after certain life changing events transpired. Dusk and Dawn represent each of those. They will be released together, but separated (be it two discs, two folders, two sides of one vinyl or tape... etc.... probably not vinyl or tape, don't fear

From The Magical Prince's Mouth - Written in late 2007 and early 2008, all in the winter time. One song was actually written in 2005.
My plan was to do have this out right now on Placenta Recordings Vinyl, but things came up obviously. I'm planning on replacing a lot of the 8-bit sounds I used with the real thing (be it NES, GB, GG, Amiga, C64, whatever) and making it the closest I'll probably ever have to a chiptune album.
Real drums and guitar parts on most songs have not been ruled out either though.
It'll get done when inspiration and free time strike at the same time.
Depressing-ish album! I was in a lousy place at that point in my life after the events related to DD.

Sparkle Fountain - Full length written in 2008 when I was going to school in New York City.
I will be releasing this mid-next year if all goes according to plan. Jon has already begun to learn the songs, I've already started taking notes and done some scratch vocals (even some final vocals on one song,) and I've begun to practice my orchestral percussion parts.
Unlike Bad Happy, this album approaches Bubblegum Octopus as a band, instead of as an electronic project.
Think "progressive operatic chip-punk" and you're basically there. A few songs will be breakcore infused like Bad Happy though, and there is one song that's all out TAFKA8LDM style. Like what would have happened if I stuck with that sound.
Still in paranoia/anxiety/ultra derealization land at this point.

Split with Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Not out yet, but my songs were written in 2008.
I plan to get this recorded and released in 2011. It's going to be free!

Take Control (Yatagarasu split) - Written, recorded, and released in 2009.
Oddly enough, this was at a point in my life where I began to "take control" of my circumstances and get out of the year and a half of ultra low-point.

My God Is The Cat King (Dental Work split) - Songs were written between 2008 and 2010, all the vocals were recorded in 2010. Also released in 2010.

Weakness Electronics (Watabou split) - Written all in 2010 at the same time I was recording MGITCK. To be recorded in 2011. Might be a free one!

Split with Spreaders - To be released on Lazy Roar, hopefully in 2011. 1 song written in 2008 and 3 songs written in 2009.

Split with A Beautiful Lotus - To be released by Robo! Robotica!!. 5 really short songs I wrote between 2006 and 2010. It's quite a bit grindy, contrary to most of what I'll be putting out from here on.

Clotilde (split with Les Trucs) - Was going to be released by some tiny label, but they decided they were too good for us or something, so I don't know what's going. Written and recorded in 2010.

Possible Party: Part i - By virtue of it being "rarities from 2005 - 2010" you know when it was written and recorded. It was released for free in spring of 2010.

The Kitten's Rejoinder - This is compilation of my split EPs from 07 - 10 (Scissor Shock, Dental Work, and Yatagarasu) with three bonus tracks. To be released this year or January of 2011.

Bad Happy - The songs were originally mostly written in 2009, but 2010 saw new songs get added and almost everything got TOTALLY revamped, updated, and otherwise crazy.
I am in the process of recording and have approximately half of it ready for mixing. Will be done before my March tour to support the album.

I can't ever know things - Album I am writing now. Harvest Autumn Mind, a song sketch I posted on my Soundcloud, is from this.
While that song is basically a weird cut-up of a rock song I wrote with synths added, most of the album is weird, slower paced, breakcore-ish stuff that focuses more on heavy, busted beats, atmospheric and moody synths and noise, and strong melodies.
I'll be surprised if there are any real instruments on this album that don't get mangled to hell.
I'm aiming for a 2012 release with it.

In addition to these, I have some less defined BgO song collections composed:

8-Legged C-Sides - Songs that were written for the demo but didn't make it and didn't get recorded again for TAFKA8LDM. I am not even going to think about this album until I'm either totally out of ideas or hit by some kind of insane inspiration.

7&7&7&7# - Tentative name for the B-sides of Dawn/Dusk and Perfect Life & Other Stuff.
Currently a huge disorganized mess.

White White Winter - Tentative name for a small collection of songs I wrote at the same time as Falcon Breeze (end of 06/early 07) that don't fit in with PL&OS, TAFKA8LDM, or anything else. Will be a free release.
Lonely Pop Disco will be on this.

Sparkle Fountain B-Sides - Songs I wrote for Sparkle Fountain, but will not be on the album in 2011. They aren't bad, but I don't have the desire to work on them for a while.
I'll probably have a better name for the album than this, haha

Okay, at this point, I can tell what the most likely three things you are thinking:

Response 1: Bull shit! You're just saying all this to look good!
Response 2: Why are you teasing us? What's wrong with you!?
Response 3: How did you let this happen?

My response:
Unfortunately, Number 1, I have indeed composed hundreds of songs.
Not just weird electronic music either. I am an instrumentalist as well and I find myself writing more songs than I know what to do with there as well.

Number 2, my intent is not to tease you, but I do want to get some excitement in the air for the future of BgO and I do want everyone to know that the extended periods of time spent between my releases have not been totally unproductive.

Number 3, answering you is what I've wanted to really be doing all this time... so this may take more than a sentence or two.

It's no secret that I make my music "for myself"
I write want I want to hear, I write what I feel represents me, etc etc etc.
Unfortunately for me, getting recordings that match my standards can be kind of hard.
Even if my vocals sound exactly perfect to what is in my head, I don't always like the quality of the recording or the processing of the signal. It's just hard with the technological and acoustic limitations of my "studio" (Read: My room with a bunch of gear in it) to get things to sound right without a lot of finagling/retakes/etc.
I don't really even have the means to rehearse my vocals much, so I basically learn the songs as I record them most of the time.

Another problem is that my house is chaotic, so recording time is on a weird schedule.

That all being said, for a long time, I was pretty okay with just writing the songs and thinking I'd record them in the future.
Now, it's the future, so I'm slowly working my way through the massive backlog.
Unless you have an awesome studio/etc to let me record in, there's not much you can do to help me. One thing you can do though that really does help is send me positive vibes, encouraging feedback online, and keep on my case (NICELY) about adhering to my schedule.

Here's what I want to get done:

December 2010/January 2011: The Kitten's Rejoinder
February or March 2011: Bad Happy
May/June/July 2011: Weakness Electronics, Clotilde, ABL split, KHR split
September 2011: Sparkle Fountain
December 2011: From The Magical Prince's Mouth
March 2012: Perfect Life & Other Stuff or I can't ever know things

I'm really, really hesitant to post this... but I think this is plausible.
I've made a lot of schedules that I've really messed up on in the past, but I want badly for this one to work.

Oh and labels, if you're reading, take note. I'm going to need help (^o^!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Busy time of the year

Hey all, I've been busy as of late.
Working myself mad on Bad Happy, trying to get The Kitten's Rejoinder prepared for release, rehearsing with Ultra Death Men and Giggle The Ozone, and trying to organize Christmasasaurus Vol. 5 as last minute as I thought possible, haha

Mob Boss recording has entered the pre-recording rehearsal phase.
For various reasons, I'm just going to do everything except for drums, which will be handled by Jon of Ultra Death Men. I don't know what I'll put this out on yet, but I'm feeling a semi-free album that will come with all future merch orders is the best idea.

Jayme is not out of the band, he's just too busy right now to put effort in, and because they are my songs anyway I'm going to just record them to kick start things.

I have my Bandcamp page up and running to fill the void left by myspace turning into a complete trainwreck.
Not quite a website, but I'm still working on that.

I'm slowly filling in all the lyrics and some descriptions of the songs.
Nothing important, just some anecdotes about their origins, the recording process, whatever.
I know some people have wanted the same treatment I gave Possible Party: Part i to be given to TAFKA8LDM

Well, that's all for now.
Sorry there's nothing exciting...

...oh wait, just kidding! I have some shows!

Bubblegum Octopus December 30th, Yspilanti, MI @ a house party. Ask me for the address.

Bubblegum Octopus January 6th, North Hollywood, CA @ Hustle House with Monomate, NVR-NDR, Halloween Swim Team, and Vyncent Flaw

Bubblegum Octopus January 7th, Isla Vista, CA @ Biko Garage with Monomate, Treasure Mammal, and Coach McGirt

Giggle The Ozone January 21st, Brooklyn, NY @ Vaudeville Park

Bubblegum Octopus & Pyrrhic January 28th, Sunderland, MD @ tba w/ Watabou

Bubblegum Octopus January 29th, Baltimore, MD @ Hexagon Space w/ TALK TO ANIMALS

In March... I'll be playing South By Southwest, followed by another tour with Yatagarasu covering Texas, Oklahoma, and more on the way back to New York!
More details on that stuff soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, here's what's been up as of late:

I've been coughing myself new orifices to cough through on and off for the past month or so.
I have the vocals for a bunch of songs tracked, but progress has been slow.
My ears have been clogged, my head has been hazy, my voice has been malfunctioning, my ability to sleep has been severely damaged, my throat and nose have been full of mucus... the point is, I've had a really hard time getting work done for reasons beyond my control.
I'm hoping that tomorrow will bring better health and that tonight will bring restful sleep so that I can get back on this. My brain is exploding with ideas I can't carry out.

That said, Bad Happy is probably not going to come out until January or February now.
I was really pushing for it to be done next month, but time isn't slowing down of course, and "Flu Season" bested me this year *shakes fist at sky*

Let me take the time to apologize now for 2010 being the year of compilation albums and contributions, split EPs, and re-releases.
At the very least, I played in a good deal of the country, got two full lengths (Ultra Death Men and Hybegnu) recorded for future releases, got one fantastic split of new material out, got 15 of my free releases within the public's grasp, and made substantial progress on future BgO releases.

As far as The Kitten's Rejoinder, I decided it does indeed need some sort of bonus tracks and that I should also do some more work on the Scissor Shock split tracks.
They'll never be up to the standards of my current music, but I want to polish them however I can to at least help!
It should be out next month.

It's looking like the track list will be the following:

1. Unveil: Machine Octopus
2. Soft Sun Spots
3. Zuru??
4. Mr. Yum
5. Rembowave
6. Misconception Superhighway
7. Peace in Pious Pieces
8. Discomfort & Laughing
9. Fire Belly Bravery
10. Enjoy My Home
11. Product Amazement
12. The Fantastical Balloonopus: Sanchtïrl'ynk
13. Digidock
14. Here He is He's GONE
15. Sausage MAXXX
16. This is not Dead Time!
17. Enjoy My Home: Platinum

1 and 2 are new songs (1 being an instrumental intro track I wrote in 2007, 2 being a song I originally wrote for the Weakness Electronics split with Watabou this year.)
3 - 8 are my songs from My God Is The Cat King, the split with Dental Work (which is a fabulous release that you should still try to get, even if you get this album when it comes out)
9 - 12 are my songs from Take Control, the split with Yatagarsu from last year.
13 - 16 are my songs from the split with Scissor Shock from 2007
17 is the new version of Enjoy My Home that I've been playing live with better vocals. I was unhappy with some things in the first version and it was my favorite BgO song up to that point.

While I'm on the topic, did I ever post the revised Bad Happy track list?
If not, here it is:

1. SpazzPop Forever!!!!~
2. Distortion Castle
3. 888 Days Meow Fast
4. Sleep Void
5. Floor of Worlds
6. Tubulidentata
7. Goodbye Light (God's Fake Laser)
8. Betrayal is okay.
9. We ARE Sick
10. Shovel Piledriver
11. Metallic Sheep Nap
12. Feeler than I'm old
13. Beautiful Little Towne
14. Time Zone Proclivity
15. Loud Noise In My Room
16. Resting in the valley forever

End of release news, here's some live show updates:

[Start of Mixed Emotionz Tour. Bubblegum Octopus w/ Monomate]
January 6th - Hustle House in Los Angeles, CA
January 7th - Biko Garage in Santa Barbara, CA
January 8th - Northern California, help needed!
January 9th - Portland, OR. More info soon
January 12th - Seattle, WA. More info soon
January 13th - Oregon. More info soon
January 14th - Northern California, help needed!
January 15th - The return to LA. More info soon.
[End tour]
January 21st - Giggle The Ozone @ tba in Brooklyn, NY
January 28th - Bubblegum Octopus and Pyrrhic** @ tba in Sunderland, MD
January 29th - Bubblegum Octopus @ Hexagon Space in Baltimore, MD w/ Talk To Animals
March - Beginning of Bad Happy tour to Texas! Details as they arrive in the next few weeks.

**Pyrrhic is some kind of proggy, extreme metal band I am doing vocals for at some shows.
I will be appearing on their first album, as well. They are a pretty superb band, so I have high hopes for it.

I did art for the 2007 Fork Sister album, Savory Sauces. I still obviously haven't gotten the vocals done, but at least the art is complete!

I'm also compiling another compilation album, appropriately titled "One-Off Oddities"
It's going to be a little more than me just slapping a bunch of weird crap I've recorded together, putting it on the web, and calling it a night though.
It's going to feature songs by Hurricane Metal, The Cuddle Sluts, I Am A Hexagon, c@ Vs. Peppermint Pony, Bubblegum Octopus Vs. Scissor Shock, Rage-a-holic Tortise, Frame House, Awful Throats, a "m@ the c@" song, Mercury Syringe, a Scissor Shock cover I did as Bubblegum Octopus, and hopefully some new BgO song or something to increase the value.
It'll basically answer all of your questions about my projects that you've never heard (except for the fact that the Frame House songs will be a weird porn groove thing and a melodic death metal thing we did before the band had really found a sound. Not even sure it's fair to call them Frame House songs, in fact)

I suppose that's all I have for you for now.
Stay happy, dearest friends.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Minimum Dollar Boy

Recording with Hybegnu was awesome, seriously.
Everyone involved had something great to contribute. Their first album was mostly angular avant-noise-sludge stuff, but the new one is nothing but contrast and strangeness, without losing a central feeling of discomforting other-worldliness.
Spastic/atonal math jams, gaunt odd time metal, new wave hip-hop, hideous screeching noise, submarine drone, ambient acoustitronic free jazz... basically a ton of things that the average Bubblegum Octopus fan might not really like, but the average m@ the c@ fan will be totally down with.

I think one of the best parts of the whole thing was the fact that one song literally sounds EXACTLY like what you might expect from a collaboration between Keith (of PAK, Time Of Orchids, and tons more) Dylan (of Giggle The Ozone, Zeehas; 12 Wait, and more) and myself... and I consider that sound to be quite desirable.

I ended up doing bass, guitar with a bunch of my effects pedals, vocals, and a set-up where I had a mic running into my KP3, which ran into my DD7, and I played glockenspiel and slide whistle through it. We switched line-ups for almost every song.

As for a release, I don't know yet. We're doing more than expected with this album, so it might be a while yet.

Bad Happy is still trudging along... eh, well... actually.... it's more like it's jogging at this point, but it keeps tripping over it's shoelaces even though I keep reminding it to tie them.
I basically re-did entire drum tracks for like 5 songs, making them ridiculous elaborate, added some potentially unnecessary synth parts from the Nanosynth, and have been fighting with the frustration of mixing up to about 50 tracks of audio and MIDI per song.

After the grindiest song on the album has it's drums replaced (it's kind of like Falcon Breeze's much more sophisticated and elaborate spiritual successor,) my only obstacles in the way of having this thing done are the vocals for 9 tracks, some guitar and bass parts, some textural palette cleansers, and the very daunting mixing process.
I've got an install of Komplete 7 on the way that was donated by my father, who got it for teaching purposes, and I think Battery may be the trick for the drums on that thing.

I need to get more shirts printed. All I have left is small and girly small o_o;
Money is so tight that it's pretty hard to afford these things. If I get more of the Tubbypaws design it'll probably be the last run of 6 color shirts for a while.
I'm definitely under-charging you all for them.
I'm too nice sometimes (^-^;; )

Oh, I forgot to include this the first time I updated this post.
The Kitten's Rejoinder is actually going to be getting a "DIY style" release through the micro-label that Yatagarasu runs. He's looking to boost it up in scale and to do that he's going to release nothing but quality extreme/experimental electronic artists (I think only ones that involve chiptune elements, too.)
The Kitten's Rejoinder will be packaged in a similar fashion to Take Control:

Hand printed cover on a cardboard sleeve, xeroxed insert, nice disc.
Actually, the cover will be nicer than these (not that I didn't like them) because Chris now has access to a multi-armed screen printing press... which sounds like a good thing, haha

New Ultra Death Men material is being written, by the way, some of which will be audible at our upcoming show...

....speaking of...

Some of my upcoming shows:

• November 12th - Ultra Death Men @ The Clash Bar (21+ show, sadly) in Clifton, NJ

• December ??? - Giggle The Ozone @ ???? in Brooklyn, NY (more details on that soon, I'm just excited to be playing with them again)

• January 6th - Bubblegum Octopus @ Hustle House in Los Angeles, California (first show of the tour with Monomate)

• January 7th - Bubblegum Octopus @ Biko Garage in Santa Barbara, California (w/ Monomate)

• January 29th - Bubblegum Octopus @ Hexagon Space in Baltimore, Maryland (w/ Talk To Animals! Finally!)

Hope those of you that like Halloween enjoyed the holiday.
The weather is perfect for me right now. See-your-breath cold, without being discomforting.
Give it some time, snow will come and then I'll say that's the perfect weather.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Late update

Well, I don't have much time to write, as I'm on my way to the post office, and then I'll be in Philadelphia for the rest of the week to record with the band Hybegnu and to get some drum stuff recorded for Bad Happy.

I've actually been extremely sick for the past week, so my progress on the album was temporarily inhibited. I'm back into functionality now though, and I expect to know if it will be out in time for January's tour in the next two or three weeks.

Speaking of, plans for the Mixed Emotionz tour are coming along nicely.
A few dates are booked already, but I'm waiting for the line-ups for the shows to be assembled.

The Ultra Death Men album is coming alone nicely as well. Not sure when it will be done though.
We also have a show in Clifton, NJ at the Clash Bar on November 12th. We'll be playing songs from Muscles as well as some new material.

Giggle The Ozone also has a show coming up in early December, somewhere in Brooklyn, but I don't know many details yet.
The new GtO album will actually be out this month and it's going to rule.
I mean, I'm not playing bass on it or anything, but I am sure it's going to be the best one yet.

Fork Sister –making it's first appearance on this blog, I do believe– is actually back to being an active endeavor. Nothing substantial will probably be done this year, but Savory Sauces (the much belated 2007 album) will get some vocals recorded and a free release, followed by new material written with the project being a two piece.
Shows are also in the works.

Alright, time to be on my way!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Release schedule (I... really hope)

Alright, I successfully got on here in time for the weekly update. I think this bodes well for future upkeep of the blog.
Because I didn't skip over 20 days of touring, recording, and planning this time, it won't be nearly as long as last time.

Earlier in the year I posted a release schedule for everything... and I failed to meet the goals I set for myself miserably. Between insomnia messing my life up, having a non-distance restricted relationship, and having shows and touring pretty regularly, I wasn't prepared for what this year would be like (not that it's over yet, obviously.)

So, with all of that in mind, here is a far more reasonable, far more realistic (though still very difficult) recording release schedule. I won't make promises, just in case things happen beyond my control:

Bad Happy - 2nd full length - December 2010/January 2011 (I'm really pushing myself!)

Clotilde - split w/ Les Trucs - temporarily on hiatus. Solace Media decided to not put it out.

Sparkle Fountain - 3rd full length - April 2011 (featuring Jon of Ultra Death Men/Palmyra on drums)

Weakness Electronics - free split w/ Watabou - June 2011

Split w/ Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - free mp3 release - June 2011

Split w/ Spreaders - on Lazy Roar Records - Summer 2011

From The Magical Prince's Mouth - 4th full length - November 2011 (refurbished version of an album I wrote in 2007, featuring Jon on drums and Sean on guitar! Whoa! It's like what really closed minded wangs call a "real" band!)

There are a few other releases coming up, obviously, but I really don't know when to expect them, so I won't post more about them until I do.

Oh, and just so you know... Bubblegum Octopus will remain a solo project.
Sean, Jon, and anyone else who may enter the project in the future will only be appearing as temporary members.
Bad Happy, all of the splits, and the album I am currently writing are all still entirely solo.
Plus, with the exception of some guitar parts and a few drum parts on those albums, all of the writing will still be done by me, and I'll be giving them direction for the parts they write anyway.
Don't fear (^o^!)

Now, as far as Ultra Death Men releases go, Sean is in the process of mixing it again, and the first track sounds pretty great.

Mob Boss is doing fine, but we never get rehearsal opportunities. An EP will happen... eventually.

Frame House, if I haven't mentioned it before, is on indefinite hiatus, unfortunately.
I'd like if Keith made a reappearance into my life, at least long enough to track vocals (not that I wouldn't like to just hang out with him again,) and I'd just do some electronic drums and use the guitar tracks from the demos we recorded to create a pretty killer EP, but for now nothing can be done about it.

The next c@ album just needs to have vocals recorded, but I'm sure you can understand that I'm spending all potential recording time working on Bad Happy right now. Deadlines to meet!

That's all. Hopefully most of this comes as good news!
Send positive vibes, loving comments on to encourage me.
Did I mention I have a website now? I don't have it up and running yet, I just have a domain and hosting space right now, but soon I'll have something really amateur to hold the place of a website until I have someone who knows how to do website crap.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Upcoming tours and such

Well, it's been 23 days since my last update, in which I said I'd make this a weekly thing.
I'll uh... try to keep it more frequent.
Also, if you use tumblr, I'm going to try to manage this and a tumblr account, probably posting the same things to both, but who knows.
I think my link is but I don't know because tumblr isn't working at the moment... this bodes well for my relationship with the site.

Anyway, let me bring you up to speed before I bring you the news:

I had some shows in the south and it went pretty well overall, though it wasn't friendly to my wallet at all, and I ended up eating like one meal a day after a certain point.
I played the loudest BgO show ever in Greensboro, North Carolina, had a kind of awkward gig at a bar in Tennessee, attended a frat party in Washington DC, played a pretty cool and very late house party in Virginia, and stayed an extended period of time with a long time fan on the ETSU campus.

That was like three or four weeks ago.
This past weekend I played a show in Sunderland, Maryland that was pretty awesome.
I have some video footage that I'll get up, but the vocals are all ridiculously soft... well, except for the background vocals that I have on certain tracks, so it almost looks like I'm lip synching in certain parts. Irritating, to say the least.
I'm confused by that in general, really, as the vocals were not soft in person, as others have confirmed to me.

I do have these pictures that I can post right now before I get the video up:

(pictures by "Millasaurus Rex")

Anyway, it's news time!

First things first:
I've imposed a strict, day-by-day goals schedule upon myself and I've been pretty good about sticking to it, or at least doing something of equal relevance instead of what's on the calendar for a given day.
I'm shooting to have this out before January 5th.
"Why that date?" you might ask yourself.

Well, I'll be doing a West Coast tour with Monomate from January 6th to January 13th.
8 days covering everything we can on the west coast from Los Angeles to Washington.
We don't have a schedule yet, but we're working.

"What about Texas?!"
Patience my child, I was getting to that.
While it's not exactly happening ULTRA soon, I'm going to be FINALLY hitting Texas in the middle of next year (whenever Sparkle Fountain is done.)

My plan is this:

1. Finish Bad Happy and release it before the January tour (it's going to be hard, but I'm going to do all I can)

2. Come home and begin working extensively on Sparkle Fountain with the drummer

3. While working with the drummer, record new vocal parts, work on innovating the material a bit (It's all going to be totally new to you, but for me the album is two years old right now, so I need to make some small updates)

4. Possibly play shows with the drummer to see how it fares in that situation

5. Record drum parts

6. Release album as early in the year as is possible (hopefully, through a label)

7. Month long tour, hitting OH, MI, IL, WI, MN, IA, MO, OK, TX (multiple shows,) LA, FL (two or three shows,) GA, SC, NC, VA, and MD, as well as possibly a few other places.

That's my plan. I know I haven't gotten everything done this year that I said I would, but I still did a lot, and I'm getting better at sticking to my plans.
From The Magical Prince's Mouth is not coming out this year, as I was planning a while back. Bad Happy just became an insane amount of work and I don't want to rush it just to stick to my plans.

Additionally, all of the splits I've been talking about will be happening in due time, they just aren't as important as getting another album out.
(I'm waiting on art for The Kitten's Rejoinder, so that will happen whenever art exists.)

I have some non-Bubblegum Octopus news that I'd like to update with, but I'll save details until there is some more exciting stuff!

I guess that's all for now.
In the non-music world I've started playing RPGs again...
I've not settled on one to beat, but I'm thinking Majora's Mask and Earthbound need to finally be 100% complete, and Ogre Battle 64 wouldn't be a bad thing to play through again (maybe I can get all of the Zenobians this time...) I've also been playing Super Robot Taisen on my DS quite a bit... I hope none of this distracts me!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alri've de

I've decided that I should try to do a weekly update on the blog.
I forgot to get working on the mailing list thing (which would probably just be sent out monthly and before each more important release and every tour.)

Brooklyn last Friday was okay, but I got some ugly vibes.
I often get the "we don't want you here" vibe at noise oriented shows, actually, but it's never that prevalent. (I get them at a lot of shows, really, but in general that's the most common type to feel uncomfortable at)
I had some fans come out for me and had a good time otherwise, at least. I would have been happier to alienate half of the crowd if it was earlier in my career, but I've become kind of sick of that reaction.
Yes, I get it, what I do is weird and a majority of the people I encounter will never be able to wrap their heads around it and appreciate it for the brand of weird it is.
In fact, there might even be someone reading this saying "its not wierd its stupid and your stupid" (let me make it known all of the typographical and grammatical errors in that are intentional.)

What I found funny about the show, is that the happiest I was was right after the show ended and someone tried to get my friends busted for drinking outside (which they had stopped doing already) and the cops were actually on their side. One of them proceeded to talk to me about when he used to tour the country playing piano for a rock band "getting fuckin trashed every night"
It's good to know that in places where police actually have shit to do they aren't dicks.
There was also a Jamaican guy who came up to the group of friends and fans I was sitting with and joked with us about how us (whites and asians) wouldn't have been able to be sitting there like we were a few years ago.
Another unexpected thing: guy in NYC who walks up to a group of strangers that is actually friendly and not crazy.

I got new blue shirts, did I mention that last week?

They're nice!

Looking for an artist to do the next design. I need something more simple and accessible.
Not everyone will wear this. I mean, I personally think that if you have the open mind to like my crazy music you won't have any hang-ups about wearing an ostentatious shirt to promote me and affirm your love, but I understand completely.
It'll be some kind of black shirt with a white design most likely.

I have almost completed the "Platinum" edition of Enjoy My Home for The Kitten's Rejoinder, but I got side-tracked working on Bad Happy, trying to work out my shows and living accommodations for next week, and getting my new car... uh.... whoa, wait, I don't have a picture of it.
Oh well!

Also, I hate to announce new projects before they have completed recordings, as I have done in the past with Frame House and Mob Boss, but I do have something in the works with ex-members of the Iowa based grind/death/etc groups Labyrinth, Sender Receiver, and Ring Bearer.
I won't disclose too much more about it --for fear of jinxing it more than I may have already-- except that a studio is involved, and that I will be handling programming, production, a lot of the composition, electronics, and some of the vocals.
There will be real drums, I will not be playing the real guitar parts, and I will not be the lead vocalist. THAT'S ALL YOU GET FOR NOW!

I'll be playing in Greensboro, North Carolina on Sunday and Johnson City, Tennessee on Monday. Possibility of a Columbus, Ohio show on Wednesday, and some other stuff, but I don't really know if it's going to work that way anymore.

That's all for now my loves.
I will be sure to have that mailing list thing worked out this month, as well as have The Kitten's Rejoinder mastered for iTunes, and some more audible progress done on Bad Happy.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Naked Neologisms

Sleep deprivation is getting the best of me for sure.
This is my fifth night of proving indefinitely that I have absolutely no circadian rhythm.
First night I got a decent amount of sleep at like 1PM, the next night I got three hours at 10 something, and the next I got maybe five hours, and last night was a normal amount that occurred starting at maybe 7.
I don't know what's up with me, I've been really fucked up in the sleep department since forever, and it got serious after getting back from CA, but now it's just... really, really, really bad.
I just never want to sleep, and then when I decide I want to I can't even get close to it.

On the bright side, I've begun some sort of ethereal, quasi-psychedelic BgO material.
The first is a song temporarily called Harvest Autumn Mind.
Nothing to be said about it that isn't already written on the page I guess.
I've never posted an incomplete song before, so this is a weird experiment.
Well... no, I've posted Paper Punch Out Dreams before as an instrumental, but that was waaaaaay back when the BgO myspace first became active.

The other is a song temporarily called Squid Ink Baptism.
It's based around a three second sample of Ultra Death Men rehearsing, sped up and accompanied by synth sounds and percussion tracks (vocals too, of course.)
It's in the same realm as this song, but in a more panicky, shivering, drug-overdose kind of way, as well as including a lot more weird blown-out sounding distorted parts similar to the random blast of rage at the end of Peace in Pious Pieces.

I'm temporarily calling the songs part of an EP called "I can't ever know things" but I'm sure it's more likely part of a split and that I'll use "I can't ever know things" as a song title.
On the other hand, I really like that stupid "cover art" I did for the Soundcloud page, and it will certainly make it's way to the EP if it ends up not being for a split.

I've also begun work on The Kitten's Rejoinder, the iTunes only release compilation of all my split material, including the Scissor Shock split (re-mixed and remastered,) Take Control (re-mastered,) the third edition of My God Is The Cat King, and the upcoming Les Trucs split, Clotilde.
There will also be a new version of Enjoy My Home, as one of two bonus tracks on the album, Enjoy My Home: Platinum.
The second bonus track is still unknown.
Artwork will be done by Emilio Hasselhoof of Baaddd, Suicidal Rap Orgy, and other projects.

Also, Ultra Death Men played Bar Matchless in Brooklyn on Friday and we got some footage:


Monday, August 9, 2010

Onwards through the sky

My trip to California was awesome: I spent time with Bradlea's family, met her sister and hung out in her gaming command center of an apartment, spent time with the four resident cats in Bradlea's mother's house (Orange Kitty, Antwon, Panathinaikos, and Spoilsbury, who actually lives in New Jersey most of the time, but got to go back to San Diego to visit too,) went to Disneyland, traveled around LA, San Diego, and San Francisco, and got enough authentic Mexican food to hold me over for at least 6 months.
As great as all of that was, I am still able to say that, quite possibly above all of that, my shows were the best part... life changing even!

First up was Los Angeles.
The venue used to be called Vlad The Retailer, or something to that effect, but was converted in under 24 hours by Emily Blong into the Broken Velcroe Carnival.
There is no way to entirely do the venue's transformation justice, but here are two pictures from the place to give you an idea:

(I don't know who took these photos, but the entire set these come from is fantastic!)

All of that was hand-made by Emily, and that's just a small portion of everything she did.
It's been since Bubblegum Octopus' very first show in 2006 that I've wished for something comparable to that set-up for a performance, so that in and of itself was really special for me. It's only made better by the fact that the big pink guy in the second picture was apparently made specifically for my performance.
(We took some promotional photos with me leaning on that guy, but they are a bit blurry.)

My set was met initially with some problems... the amount of power strips being used created some grounding issues, preventing my theremin and the rest of my noise rig from doing anything except electrocuting me, so I just disconnected everything and played with just the KP3, my laptop, my mic, and my DD3.

Throughout the course of my set I managed to spill coke on a power strip, have my table of equipment and my theremin knocked the fuck over, and got so hot and tired that I actually had to take off clothing (I hate taking off clothing in public. It's not a self-conscious thing, I just don't like it for some reason.)
All of it was worth it though, because the audience made it probably my best set so far.
To me, having your shit knocked over by an uncontrollable and enthusiastic crowd is a milestone, so I was actually not angered at all by it... unlike Bradlea and a few other audience members.
(Nothing was broken or even hit the ground, so there was no reason for any ill-will, really.)

Here are some pictures Gabe Bautista took of my set:

I guess it was just the combination of factors that made this such a memorable and truly magical night.
The decor, being across the country, the joyous atmosphere, and the unusually appropriate line-up would have been enough, but I think it was the company that made it extra special.
The crowd was full of characters.
Not your typical weirdos and creeps, nor a group of unremarkable fellows with names I can recall; this was a party where almost everyone invited had a distinct personality that could almost be read off of their faces alone.
People from the internet that only existed as messages, comments, and pictures in my mind came to life before my eyes.
Taylor, D. Bene, Emily, Peet, and a handful of other people all felt like old friends or classmates to me too, right from the start.
I managed to be very anti-social throughout the show, as I often am, but I feel like I could have just hung out with all of them without a second thought if they'd asked me and if I wasn't in such a glorious daze.

I think it should be noted that the fact that I'm able to say that about Peet is indeed a noteworthy thing that I shouldn't let go unaddressed... I think enough people know about the semi-sordid past.
There was a time when he would have called me an uninspiring joke and I would have called him another Nintendo fanboy, digigrind wannabe chump, but all past quarrels and ill-will have been resolved and mutual respect and friendship are finally instated... and I love those things!
He really is a good guy.
The same can actually be said for almost everyone at that show, actually (with a few exceptions that probably aren't worth mentioning.)

I dunno what it is, but I just wished the show would have never ended.

It really does, by the way, feel like, between that and the dozens of other valuable connections, friendships, reconciliations, severance from toxic influences, immense life changes/decisions I've made this year, and strides I've made to curb my negativity and cynicism, that I'm transforming myself into quite a better and different person and that I really might have a happy future ahead of me.

Anyway, San Diego was pretty damn fantastic too.
There were a few fans who came for me specifically, including someone who I knew from some fan-art submission, but none of them were the people I was expecting.
Some users I've seen around the site who came specifically for Nero's Day ended up totally getting into my set, too. I really love the feeling of winning people over, especially those with good taste.

Sam, the guy behind SD Noise and Zsa Zsa Gabor, was an extremely kind host, and all artists played outstanding sets.
Take Up Serpents played a pretty entrancing ambient/drone set, Nerfbau destroyed ears with extremely harsh noise, Mincemeat Or Tenspeed rocked an extremely mental all-pedal/sampler/sequencer dancey/trancey/noisy set, and Nero's played his brand of wacky, sickening breakcore with live drums (the crowd was pretty massive for his set. Apparently SD is his home town.)

I wish I had some pictures or video to show for it, but all I have for now is the awesome poster for the show:

Last night was my first show since I've been back in NJ, and my first local show since January.
An extraordinarily short-notice show in Brooklyn at "Party Expo" with friends from Florida (Lissajou and Strangelette,) and Beta Club Field Trip.
Attendance was small, but the crowd did include chiptune all-star Bit Shifter, friend from the Take Control Tour, Rhinostrich, Dylan Sparrow (of Giggle The Ozone and other bands,) some other friends of mine, and random passers-by who were terrified by or enamored with what I was doing.

The sound guy/girl (dunno who was doing it) was kind of fucking with me I think, which I'm not so cool with, but there were no real problems, just some completely ridiculous shifts in the frequency spectrum (treble being shaved, bass blasting and then dropping off entirely, etc etc etc.) but the beginning and end of my set sounded really heavy and clean.

No pictures yet except for this wacky one with Strangelette and Lissajou, but more will exist!

In other news:
• I have more shows in Brooklyn on the 19th (Ultra Death Men @ Bar Matchless w/ Palmyra,) the 26th (BgO @ Goodbye Blue Monday w/ Xrin Arms and Speak Onion,) and the 27th (BgO @ Port D'or w/ Xrin Arms and Speak Onion.)

• The split with Les Trucs will be out pretty soon on CD instead of 7", and their side rules.
Hopefully mine will match! (out on Solace Media Corporation.)

• I will be releasing the Les Trucs split, the Scissor Shock split (remastered,) Take Control (remastered,) My God Is The Cat King, and a bonus track or two together as an iTunes only album. I don't have a name or art yet, but I will soon!

• The Ultra Death Men album (Muscles) is still being mixed

• I'm in the midst of recording Bad Happy and it's going decently. Send me good vibes so it goes perfectly!!

• Trying to do another mid-west stint in September. I have the projected schedule on Facebook. Help me out!!

West coast, I mean it now... I will be back soon... and in full force.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Cat's Consfusion (updated)

I have some updates and some overdue, micro-tour show reviews for you:

Michigan was pretty fun, visited family, got stuck in some terrible storms, and played two fun shows.
First show was Basement414, which was under-attended in comparison to the last show there, but that's okay.

I suffered from some pretty extreme derealization and panic during my set after an extremely long scream, which was captured in a picture taken in the few seconds I showed visual signs of suffering:
It kind of looks like it was extracted from a bad dream.
Too bad I got a speeding ticket after this show
I'm ordinarily an excessively cautious driver, not sure what went down there... never mind the fact that once I drove through Rhode Island at about 100mph.... THAT WAS ONE TIME!

Second show was awesome (it was at the Far House in Ann Arbor MI)
During Watabou's set we received the word that there was a tornado warning (which explained the torrential downpour, sharp wind, and the strange sirens going off when I went outside to get some stuff out of my car.)
The tornado warning was supposed to subside, but it carried over into my set, which was actually a pretty satisfying and tiring set. I ended up playing twice as long as I planned, including playing Loud Noise In My Room, from the upcoming split with Watabou, and Disco Party, which I haven't played in about a year.
Here was the beginning of my set:

I forgot to mention that, for this faux-tour, I decided last second to incorporate my theremin into the sets, and grabbed it on my way out of the house.

After the shows I spent a few days at my cousin's house, doing basically NOTHING.

Now for the updates:
(all track lists are subject to change and variation)

• California Bubblegum Octopus shows
(did I mention that?)
LA on the 29th with Monomate, NVR-NDR, and Brigsley Blong,
SD on the 31st with Nero's Day At Disneyland, Mincemeat Or Tenspeed, and Cheesechasers.
Hopefully at least two more will be booked soon.

• Les Trucs split 7"
To be released on Solace Media Corporation in September.
Two tracks by me and two by them. :)

• Bad Happy
After some time spent without a computer and voice issues, I've finally resumed intense work on this CD.
I'm thinking it won't be out until September now, just due to the complexity of getting a full length CD of this duration as perfect as my abilities and patience allow.
It's now 19 tracks long:

1. SpazzPop Forever!!!!~
2. Distortion Castle
3. 888 Days Meow Fast
4. Sleep Void
5. Floor of Worlds
6. Tubulidentata
7. Goodbye Light (God's Fake Laser)
8. Betrayal is okay.
9. We ARE Sick
10. Panic Moonstrike
11. Heaven Crusher Missile
12. Shovel Piledriver
13. Metallic Sheep Nap
14. Feeler than I'm old
15. Beautiful Little Towne
16. Empathetic Overdose
17. Time Zone Proclivity
18. Loud Noise In My Room
19. Sleep (with me) on celestial hill

• Ultra Death Men CD
We will be recording this on July 20th. We've been working on the songs almost daily to get them sounding tight again.
Tentative track-list is as follows:

1. Murder Burger
2. Rocking
3. Hanging Out With Cool Dudes
4. Pizza Tower
5. Song For The Ladies
6. Orel Herscheiser
7. Dogman Wilson Down Home Country Cookin'
8. Dogman Wilson Piano Lesson
9. Cell Phone Cavern

• Frame House EP
Due to the fact that I play in several bands and tour with BgO, and that Keith plays/tours with Washington Square Park all the time, we've decided that Frame House will revert to a two-piece side project. We're going to record the songs with composite drums (real playing + drum machine + samples + non-drum sounds + other percussion instruments) and release it for free on the internets to build some potential interest.

Hopefully, you loving fans can help push it to all your friends if you like it (you should do that with the free BgO album too!)

• Mob Boss shows and demos
Given that I no longer have to think of Frame House in the context of being a "band" that will play shows, I can now focus on Mob Boss as a full time band instead of a random occurrence.
It is still on the back burner, just because I have so much to do for Bubblegum Octopus and because Ultra Death Men are recording that album, but as soon as time allows for us to work on things we are going to begin rehearsing for a 5 - 7 song EP recording.

That's all for now. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My God Is The Cat King

Now you can finally order the 3rd hard copy release from Bubblegum Octopus, just go to my store:
Here is the track list:

Bubblegum Octopus
1. Zuru??
2. Mr. Yum
3. Rembowave
4. Misconception Superhighway
5. Peace in Pious Pieces
6. Discomfort & Laughing

Dental Work
7. Mental Chitlins' (Feat. Emelian Rich)
8. Palace Graves
9. Ghetto Prayers & Grizzly Bears
10. Lysergic Oatmeal/Owl Shift Hustlin'

Also, I put the first album up for full length previews on (kinda thought they were already)
I'm in the process of doing the same for the Dental Work split.. should be done.... NOW... wait... maybe not yet....

Let's see... oh!
I recorded new drum samples for Bad Happy last night with Jon from Ultra Death Men
and Palmyra.
The cymbals all sound fucking great, and I got all the splashes, muted hits, and grabbed crashes that I could ever want.
I also recorded more vocals for the album, completing almost all of the song Sleep Void.
For those of you wondering, here is the tracklist for Bad Happy:

1. SpazzPop Forever!!!!~
2. Distortion Castle
3. 888 Days Meow Fast
4. Sleep Void
5. Floor of Worlds
6. Tubulidentata
7. Goodbye Light (God's Fake Laser)
8. Betrayal is okay.
9. We ARE Sick
10. Panic Moonstrike
11. Heaven Crusher Missile
12. Shovel Piledriver
13. Metallic Sheep Nap
14. Feeler Than I'm Old
15. Time Zone Proclivity
16. Sleep (with me) on heaven hill
17. Beautiful Little Towne

Track 17 is up on myspace, but it's listed as being from Weakness Electronics, the split with Watabou.
In an act of resourcefulness and desperation, I ended up taking two songs from Bad Happy that I'd completed (Misconception Superhighway and Beautiful Little Towne) and putting them on the splits I was working on.
In the end, My God Is The Cat King came out on the third show of the tour and Weakness Electronics got pushed back temporarily.
Between Travis' dissatisfaction with his tracks, and my own dissatisfaction with mine, it didn't really make sense to put it out yet.
Because of this, I can now put Beautiful Little Towne as the closer for the CD, like it was written to be (or the second to last track, depends how I feel in the next month) and put a song with the working title Floating Black Diamonds back on the Watabou split.

I'm working diligently on this album again, alongside the split 7" with Les Trucs that they want out in July. I think it's going to be 2 tracks from each of us and it's going to be on a label.
(I'm hoping hard for colored vinyl, but that's up to whoever is printing it)

Be safe babies. I'll see you Michigan folks soon.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Free albums: part 2

The free Bubblegum Octopus album is finally out!

Bubblegum Octopus (Possible Party: Part i)

Bubblegum Octopus (8-Legged Dance Moves [2005 demo])

c@ (oh?)

c@ (copy)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free albums

Black Clocks (The Unfair Segregation Of Certain Time-Telling Devices EP)
Fork Sister (Sisters of the Fork EP and Niger EP)
First Aid Squid (Stupid Party Somethingorother (The Four Meows) EP)
I Am A Hexagon (Shape Shifter Mysteries EP)

Tomorrow I should have the Bubblegum Octopus free album assembled too :D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crucial Blast stocks TAFKA"8LDM"

In addition to being able to get my first album from my own store ( which has shirts and other releases) and iTunes/Amazon, you can also now grab it off of the Crucial Blast Webstore now:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Artists I've performed with (help me fill the blanks?)

In near chronological order, here is every band that I've played with (as Bubblegum Octopus) that I remember the name of.
I can think of a minimum of 25 bands and projects that I completely forget the name of, but I'm posting this to see if maybe, just maybe, one of you can help me get more on the list.

These bands range from respectable and incredible, to shameful and embarrassing, from MTV popular, to having never performed or recorded before the night of that show.
It doesn't matter if we're best friends or if we got into a fist fight after the show, I'm going to promote you all by name, and I want to make my self-documentation as inclusive as possible:

Tour Log 2.0

(re-post from myspace, April 23rd)
The tour is over. I've been home now for five long days, wondering what exactly to do with myself.
I started recording new c@ material, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's kind of hard to write that stuff when I'm feeling so stable.
You'd think after one of the most stressful situations I've ever put myself through I'd have some sort of ultra-inspiration to write new material like I did when I got back from Take Control, but I really haven't felt it yet.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tour Log 1.0

(re-post from myspace)
I don't really have the time and stamina to write a long thing for you all, but I'll fill you in on some news and such.

The tour is going amazing.
I really can't believe how many people have been coming out to see me specifically... it's absurd!
I'm grateful beyond words for the incredible times I'm having 5 days into this and the immensely positive feedback I'm getting.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tour Log 0.1

In spite of immense stress and such, this tour is going pretty well after the first show.
It's strange to play a show where I'm the actual draw as opposed to being an asset.

I'll post something when I have more time to write and more interesting things to write about!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


The Watabou split was going extremely well. On track, even though it was going to be a tiny bit rushed.
Then I got the news:
I would have to submit everything to factory tonight if I was going to have it in time for my first show.
Balls, dude. Balls.

This does mean, however, that there will be nicer art, better mixing, and professional mastering by Alex again (yay)

I'll write more about this situation later, but for now I don't feel inclined to do so. I just thought I'd get the news out there

Monday, March 22, 2010

Productivity Overflow

I can say with great confidence that today and yesterday have been the most productive days since Take Control was recorded.
My check lists went from this:

To this:

And the lyrics went from single, clean sheets of paper with text, to four, fourth incarnation drafts with obnoxious corrections and illegible handwriting all over:

What does this mean for you though?
I know you don't all live in my head.... thankfully... for everyone.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New homepage for me

It's a sad day.
After having as the first website I've gone to when I opened my internet since 2000 (with the exception of when Brawl was coming out, since I set the SSBB website to my homepage in anticipation) I've had to change my home page.
Something weird is up with Firefox and RPGamer makes it freeze (as do a lot of things) and HG101 was the only website I thought made a decent replacement.
I didn't consider the Anime News Network though... maybe.... just maybe...
If you haven't been to hg101 and you like video games at all beyond the miserable apathy that is xbox live post-apocalyptic/military shooters, go LEARN yoself a thing or too, bitch.

Anyway, it's time to make extremely late breakfast and record.
Lapsang and scrambled eggs with possible blueberry/strawberry somewhat sorbet, somewhat smoothie, m@? Probably.

Better than my usual bagel with butter or with lox and no cream cheese (depending on money) and soda.


What's a Jicheal?
The answer is more obvious than you might think

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Behind the video + other shitty show stories

A ton of you have seen this video...

But I never posted anything about the show really.
So, three years after this miserable show, I've decided to just give some back story.
Why, you might ask?
Well, it's the probably most popular video on youtube of me and I'm constantly forced to be reminded of it all, but, like how much I despise the whole "Nintendocore" fad and the people involved with making it worse, I've never felt compelled to address it because it never feels worth my time.
I figured that I might as well do it now.
I have nothing I feel compelled to work on, it's a funny video that brings me endless shame, and it's really popular (at least, popular for where I am on the popularity spectrum)

So let's answer all of the burning questions:
Why am I just standing there? Why is the audio not matched with the video? Why am I wearing all green? Why am I so miserable and absent minded looking? Why is this video so popular?...
...actually, I can't answer the last one...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Non-Bubblegum Octopus news

Sorry all, I know I said I'd do this twenty minutes from the Facebook update, but uh... I got side-tracked by trying to figure out how to record directly from my cassette recorder (I love this thing, seriously) into my computer.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unpopular Pop Music Fantasies Tour 2010

Well, there it is; the tour poster for my ridiculous two week tour to the upper mid-west:
Unpopular Pop Music Fantasies
As you can see on the myspace, details are still be ironed out, and I won't be surprised if Indiana falls through entirely since it's such a mess... but that's why photoshop has layers, eh?

Monday, February 22, 2010

From The Magical Prince's Mouth

Anyone who talked to me during late 2007 knew a few key things about me:

1. I was horrendously miserable

2. I was not keeping up with my fans very well

3. I had kicked all of my most dangerous habits except caring about a horrible person I loved

4. The only childish joy I really got came from bottles of Jones Gingerbread Man soda (better than alcohol, right?)

5. School was not going well and I was seriously reconsidering my mistakes and career choices

There was one thing, however, that actually has some pertinence to why you read this blog:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 12 and 13 show reviews

I haven't done one of these in forever!
I remember back in the days when I'd have like one or two shows a year I'd go over every single detail to the extreme.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two days later

If only for just this one night, writer's block has lifted it's cruel grasp and allowed me to produce sounds once more.

As I write this, I'm in a very strange place I often visit on nights like these.
I'm in a place where the smallest details from my day have been bloated, as if by a form of macropsia that exists only in the subconscious, to levels held for the immensely important and critical.

Caring about people and inconsequential situations until I cry... loving people in ways generally reserved for erotomaniacs and the criminally insane.

Anyone who says that drugs are the most powerful tool for leaving the body behind and changing perspectives is a damn fool.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Writer's Block: A 4000 part saga

I don't really know what purpose it will serve me to write about it, but for the past three months I've been destroyed by debilitating writer's block.
It's a mixture of about 30 problems that I can't seem to find acceptable coping methods for rolled into one slurry of self-doubt and loathing that I've been all but unsuccessful in hiding.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upcoming Release Updates: Part 2

Alright, I've been talking a lot about my upcoming releases and there's always been some tone of confusion in regards to it.
I believe I've come up with a solution for myself, so here it is:

(Don't forget I have shirts for sale at shows and at I need to do my best to get everyone who has asked about them over the years to know about them)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So if you read this, chances are you've found out some other way... but in my meeting with Jive! Records Executive Vice President of Promotion (don't ask... crazy, long story) I was told that "MORE CONTENT = MORE BETTER" so... here I am... providing more content so I can be more better.

My shirts... ARE OUT

I wasn't posting because I:

A. have been doing nothing but playing Earthbound, God Hand, and Pokémon Silver in my free time

B. have been working on reversing my writer's block

C. wanted to wait until I had the shirts for sale so I'd have a useful update

D. have been re-arranging and cleaning my room

E. have been wrestling with my equipment and finding a better set-up

But now....
here they are!!!


Monday, January 11, 2010

General updates (updated... wut)

It's been a while since I last posted, so let me update yallz about the goings ons.
Because I've gotten space conscious on this thing, I will hide it all behind yet another "read more" cutaway.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tour news+

So a few years ago, I thought it'd be impossible for me to book tours and such, but 2009 brought me the ability and time to finally get out of my shell and see the entire east coast, as well as some random shows in Massachusetts and Michigan.
It was the perfect way to break myself of my long standing misconceptions about my mental stability in such situations and proved to me that I would be okay in such a situation for a longer period of time.

So I have for you all two potential tours for 2010 lined up at the moment + room for at least one more + satellite shows: