Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Upcoming tours and such

Well, it's been 23 days since my last update, in which I said I'd make this a weekly thing.
I'll uh... try to keep it more frequent.
Also, if you use tumblr, I'm going to try to manage this and a tumblr account, probably posting the same things to both, but who knows.
I think my link is jazzycattime.tumblr.com but I don't know because tumblr isn't working at the moment... this bodes well for my relationship with the site.

Anyway, let me bring you up to speed before I bring you the news:

I had some shows in the south and it went pretty well overall, though it wasn't friendly to my wallet at all, and I ended up eating like one meal a day after a certain point.
I played the loudest BgO show ever in Greensboro, North Carolina, had a kind of awkward gig at a bar in Tennessee, attended a frat party in Washington DC, played a pretty cool and very late house party in Virginia, and stayed an extended period of time with a long time fan on the ETSU campus.

That was like three or four weeks ago.
This past weekend I played a show in Sunderland, Maryland that was pretty awesome.
I have some video footage that I'll get up, but the vocals are all ridiculously soft... well, except for the background vocals that I have on certain tracks, so it almost looks like I'm lip synching in certain parts. Irritating, to say the least.
I'm confused by that in general, really, as the vocals were not soft in person, as others have confirmed to me.

I do have these pictures that I can post right now before I get the video up:

(pictures by "Millasaurus Rex")

Anyway, it's news time!

First things first:
I've imposed a strict, day-by-day goals schedule upon myself and I've been pretty good about sticking to it, or at least doing something of equal relevance instead of what's on the calendar for a given day.
I'm shooting to have this out before January 5th.
"Why that date?" you might ask yourself.

Well, I'll be doing a West Coast tour with Monomate from January 6th to January 13th.
8 days covering everything we can on the west coast from Los Angeles to Washington.
We don't have a schedule yet, but we're working.

"What about Texas?!"
Patience my child, I was getting to that.
While it's not exactly happening ULTRA soon, I'm going to be FINALLY hitting Texas in the middle of next year (whenever Sparkle Fountain is done.)

My plan is this:

1. Finish Bad Happy and release it before the January tour (it's going to be hard, but I'm going to do all I can)

2. Come home and begin working extensively on Sparkle Fountain with the drummer

3. While working with the drummer, record new vocal parts, work on innovating the material a bit (It's all going to be totally new to you, but for me the album is two years old right now, so I need to make some small updates)

4. Possibly play shows with the drummer to see how it fares in that situation

5. Record drum parts

6. Release album as early in the year as is possible (hopefully, through a label)

7. Month long tour, hitting OH, MI, IL, WI, MN, IA, MO, OK, TX (multiple shows,) LA, FL (two or three shows,) GA, SC, NC, VA, and MD, as well as possibly a few other places.

That's my plan. I know I haven't gotten everything done this year that I said I would, but I still did a lot, and I'm getting better at sticking to my plans.
From The Magical Prince's Mouth is not coming out this year, as I was planning a while back. Bad Happy just became an insane amount of work and I don't want to rush it just to stick to my plans.

Additionally, all of the splits I've been talking about will be happening in due time, they just aren't as important as getting another album out.
(I'm waiting on art for The Kitten's Rejoinder, so that will happen whenever art exists.)

I have some non-Bubblegum Octopus news that I'd like to update with, but I'll save details until there is some more exciting stuff!

I guess that's all for now.
In the non-music world I've started playing RPGs again...
I've not settled on one to beat, but I'm thinking Majora's Mask and Earthbound need to finally be 100% complete, and Ogre Battle 64 wouldn't be a bad thing to play through again (maybe I can get all of the Zenobians this time...) I've also been playing Super Robot Taisen on my DS quite a bit... I hope none of this distracts me!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alri've de

I've decided that I should try to do a weekly update on the blog.
I forgot to get working on the mailing list thing (which would probably just be sent out monthly and before each more important release and every tour.)

Brooklyn last Friday was okay, but I got some ugly vibes.
I often get the "we don't want you here" vibe at noise oriented shows, actually, but it's never that prevalent. (I get them at a lot of shows, really, but in general that's the most common type to feel uncomfortable at)
I had some fans come out for me and had a good time otherwise, at least. I would have been happier to alienate half of the crowd if it was earlier in my career, but I've become kind of sick of that reaction.
Yes, I get it, what I do is weird and a majority of the people I encounter will never be able to wrap their heads around it and appreciate it for the brand of weird it is.
In fact, there might even be someone reading this saying "its not wierd its stupid and your stupid" (let me make it known all of the typographical and grammatical errors in that are intentional.)

What I found funny about the show, is that the happiest I was was right after the show ended and someone tried to get my friends busted for drinking outside (which they had stopped doing already) and the cops were actually on their side. One of them proceeded to talk to me about when he used to tour the country playing piano for a rock band "getting fuckin trashed every night"
It's good to know that in places where police actually have shit to do they aren't dicks.
There was also a Jamaican guy who came up to the group of friends and fans I was sitting with and joked with us about how us (whites and asians) wouldn't have been able to be sitting there like we were a few years ago.
Another unexpected thing: guy in NYC who walks up to a group of strangers that is actually friendly and not crazy.

I got new blue shirts, did I mention that last week?

They're nice!

Looking for an artist to do the next design. I need something more simple and accessible.
Not everyone will wear this. I mean, I personally think that if you have the open mind to like my crazy music you won't have any hang-ups about wearing an ostentatious shirt to promote me and affirm your love, but I understand completely.
It'll be some kind of black shirt with a white design most likely.

I have almost completed the "Platinum" edition of Enjoy My Home for The Kitten's Rejoinder, but I got side-tracked working on Bad Happy, trying to work out my shows and living accommodations for next week, and getting my new car... uh.... whoa, wait, I don't have a picture of it.
Oh well!

Also, I hate to announce new projects before they have completed recordings, as I have done in the past with Frame House and Mob Boss, but I do have something in the works with ex-members of the Iowa based grind/death/etc groups Labyrinth, Sender Receiver, and Ring Bearer.
I won't disclose too much more about it --for fear of jinxing it more than I may have already-- except that a studio is involved, and that I will be handling programming, production, a lot of the composition, electronics, and some of the vocals.
There will be real drums, I will not be playing the real guitar parts, and I will not be the lead vocalist. THAT'S ALL YOU GET FOR NOW!

I'll be playing in Greensboro, North Carolina on Sunday and Johnson City, Tennessee on Monday. Possibility of a Columbus, Ohio show on Wednesday, and some other stuff, but I don't really know if it's going to work that way anymore.

That's all for now my loves.
I will be sure to have that mailing list thing worked out this month, as well as have The Kitten's Rejoinder mastered for iTunes, and some more audible progress done on Bad Happy.