Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bad Happy: Final update part 1/4

On the 31st of this month, I will officially have all of the new album recorded! I know it's been a painful wait for some of you (myself included) but I really feel confident that it was worth the wait.
I really think that this is the BgO album you have been hoping for.

Punky, noisy, death metallic, power poppy, and psychedelic guitars, breakcore and IDM-ish percussion mutilation, SNES and x-bit chip sounds, synths of the analog, FM, ROMpler, sampler, and complex software varieties, circuit-bending, pedal chain harsh noise, occasional moments of grind, all kinds of vocals, self-sample mangling, and tons of other things.

I just tried to do an album the way I've always wanted to, without sacrificing anything that wasn't out of reach completely, and I think I've basically accomplished that.

By all accounts, there is no excuse for me taking this so long, but I'm glad I waited.
The Bad Happy I had planned to put out in 2010 was in no way as solid as the one that I will be releasing in the next two or three months.
I basically did not anticipate what touring was going to do to my life.
I'll be honest, I slacked off a lot when I shouldn't have. I have really terrible sleep problems and it can cause me to sleep through times when I could have been working, but sleep seems to be creeping back to my side. I also get really overwhelmed very easily and this album has tons of things going on at any given time.

Not only that, but I'm not just making the music here:
I'm doing my own PR work, I'm getting merch made, I'm selling merch, I'm managing all of my internet presence. I'm my own record label, manager, PR guy, booking agent, merch guy, recording engineer, and producer.
I have no one helping me in this at all, I have no studio recording me, and I'm not signed.

People will give me suggestions, they'll help me book shows, etc. but I'm still fundamentally acting as a whole band, a label, and the entire management team.
I don't even have other members to carry some of the burden (and people wonder why I'm slow with my orders and never do real self-promotion, heh)
It's all very detrimental to the creative process, but I am getting better at it.

Anyway, that all said... I've given myself this deadline and I plan on sticking to it!
Send me your positive energy, magical happiness, psychic pizza, telepathic cat cuddles, and your ESP caffeine so I can be productive non-stop!!

Next update will be after it's all recorded!

- m@ the c@