Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Cat's Consfusion (updated)

I have some updates and some overdue, micro-tour show reviews for you:

Michigan was pretty fun, visited family, got stuck in some terrible storms, and played two fun shows.
First show was Basement414, which was under-attended in comparison to the last show there, but that's okay.

I suffered from some pretty extreme derealization and panic during my set after an extremely long scream, which was captured in a picture taken in the few seconds I showed visual signs of suffering:
It kind of looks like it was extracted from a bad dream.
Too bad I got a speeding ticket after this show
I'm ordinarily an excessively cautious driver, not sure what went down there... never mind the fact that once I drove through Rhode Island at about 100mph.... THAT WAS ONE TIME!

Second show was awesome (it was at the Far House in Ann Arbor MI)
During Watabou's set we received the word that there was a tornado warning (which explained the torrential downpour, sharp wind, and the strange sirens going off when I went outside to get some stuff out of my car.)
The tornado warning was supposed to subside, but it carried over into my set, which was actually a pretty satisfying and tiring set. I ended up playing twice as long as I planned, including playing Loud Noise In My Room, from the upcoming split with Watabou, and Disco Party, which I haven't played in about a year.
Here was the beginning of my set:

I forgot to mention that, for this faux-tour, I decided last second to incorporate my theremin into the sets, and grabbed it on my way out of the house.

After the shows I spent a few days at my cousin's house, doing basically NOTHING.

Now for the updates:
(all track lists are subject to change and variation)

• California Bubblegum Octopus shows
(did I mention that?)
LA on the 29th with Monomate, NVR-NDR, and Brigsley Blong,
SD on the 31st with Nero's Day At Disneyland, Mincemeat Or Tenspeed, and Cheesechasers.
Hopefully at least two more will be booked soon.

• Les Trucs split 7"
To be released on Solace Media Corporation in September.
Two tracks by me and two by them. :)

• Bad Happy
After some time spent without a computer and voice issues, I've finally resumed intense work on this CD.
I'm thinking it won't be out until September now, just due to the complexity of getting a full length CD of this duration as perfect as my abilities and patience allow.
It's now 19 tracks long:

1. SpazzPop Forever!!!!~
2. Distortion Castle
3. 888 Days Meow Fast
4. Sleep Void
5. Floor of Worlds
6. Tubulidentata
7. Goodbye Light (God's Fake Laser)
8. Betrayal is okay.
9. We ARE Sick
10. Panic Moonstrike
11. Heaven Crusher Missile
12. Shovel Piledriver
13. Metallic Sheep Nap
14. Feeler than I'm old
15. Beautiful Little Towne
16. Empathetic Overdose
17. Time Zone Proclivity
18. Loud Noise In My Room
19. Sleep (with me) on celestial hill

• Ultra Death Men CD
We will be recording this on July 20th. We've been working on the songs almost daily to get them sounding tight again.
Tentative track-list is as follows:

1. Murder Burger
2. Rocking
3. Hanging Out With Cool Dudes
4. Pizza Tower
5. Song For The Ladies
6. Orel Herscheiser
7. Dogman Wilson Down Home Country Cookin'
8. Dogman Wilson Piano Lesson
9. Cell Phone Cavern

• Frame House EP
Due to the fact that I play in several bands and tour with BgO, and that Keith plays/tours with Washington Square Park all the time, we've decided that Frame House will revert to a two-piece side project. We're going to record the songs with composite drums (real playing + drum machine + samples + non-drum sounds + other percussion instruments) and release it for free on the internets to build some potential interest.

Hopefully, you loving fans can help push it to all your friends if you like it (you should do that with the free BgO album too!)

• Mob Boss shows and demos
Given that I no longer have to think of Frame House in the context of being a "band" that will play shows, I can now focus on Mob Boss as a full time band instead of a random occurrence.
It is still on the back burner, just because I have so much to do for Bubblegum Octopus and because Ultra Death Men are recording that album, but as soon as time allows for us to work on things we are going to begin rehearsing for a 5 - 7 song EP recording.

That's all for now. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My God Is The Cat King

Now you can finally order the 3rd hard copy release from Bubblegum Octopus, just go to my store:
Here is the track list:

Bubblegum Octopus
1. Zuru??
2. Mr. Yum
3. Rembowave
4. Misconception Superhighway
5. Peace in Pious Pieces
6. Discomfort & Laughing

Dental Work
7. Mental Chitlins' (Feat. Emelian Rich)
8. Palace Graves
9. Ghetto Prayers & Grizzly Bears
10. Lysergic Oatmeal/Owl Shift Hustlin'

Also, I put the first album up for full length previews on (kinda thought they were already)
I'm in the process of doing the same for the Dental Work split.. should be done.... NOW... wait... maybe not yet....

Let's see... oh!
I recorded new drum samples for Bad Happy last night with Jon from Ultra Death Men
and Palmyra.
The cymbals all sound fucking great, and I got all the splashes, muted hits, and grabbed crashes that I could ever want.
I also recorded more vocals for the album, completing almost all of the song Sleep Void.
For those of you wondering, here is the tracklist for Bad Happy:

1. SpazzPop Forever!!!!~
2. Distortion Castle
3. 888 Days Meow Fast
4. Sleep Void
5. Floor of Worlds
6. Tubulidentata
7. Goodbye Light (God's Fake Laser)
8. Betrayal is okay.
9. We ARE Sick
10. Panic Moonstrike
11. Heaven Crusher Missile
12. Shovel Piledriver
13. Metallic Sheep Nap
14. Feeler Than I'm Old
15. Time Zone Proclivity
16. Sleep (with me) on heaven hill
17. Beautiful Little Towne

Track 17 is up on myspace, but it's listed as being from Weakness Electronics, the split with Watabou.
In an act of resourcefulness and desperation, I ended up taking two songs from Bad Happy that I'd completed (Misconception Superhighway and Beautiful Little Towne) and putting them on the splits I was working on.
In the end, My God Is The Cat King came out on the third show of the tour and Weakness Electronics got pushed back temporarily.
Between Travis' dissatisfaction with his tracks, and my own dissatisfaction with mine, it didn't really make sense to put it out yet.
Because of this, I can now put Beautiful Little Towne as the closer for the CD, like it was written to be (or the second to last track, depends how I feel in the next month) and put a song with the working title Floating Black Diamonds back on the Watabou split.

I'm working diligently on this album again, alongside the split 7" with Les Trucs that they want out in July. I think it's going to be 2 tracks from each of us and it's going to be on a label.
(I'm hoping hard for colored vinyl, but that's up to whoever is printing it)

Be safe babies. I'll see you Michigan folks soon.