Friday, November 27, 2009

Melt-Banana II

I was going to post something related to my music today, but I'm so ridiculously tired that anything I write will be complete nonsense if I talk too long.

I will tell you that I went and saw Melt-Banana again.
I drove with my lady Bradlea, and friends Jeff and DigiDan all the way up to The Space in Connecticut and met up with my other friends Janelle and Mike [Mike is also from Kamakaze Kitten, but Janelle and Mike play with me in my completely ridiculous skate punk/noise band Mercury Syringe. DigiDan is formerly of The Lucky Constrictors and a host of electronic projects and other bands, and we play together sometimes, but nothing has been recorded of us together... MS recordings will be audible in the near future]

I had another awkward conversation with Yasuko and my first awkward conversation with Rika (only awkward because I was so nervous and "star-struck"... again... I don't have too many idols, but Yasuko is not only one of them, but my biggest) and apparently she received the CD I gave her merch guy as a gift for her.
This made me blush like a school girl flatulating in front of her dreamy crush.
Well... maybe not that hard... I probably didn't even change colors, but it sure felt embarrassing.

We also got a lousy picture with her and I bought (yet another) Melt-Banana shirt.
Chinese Stars also played and I kind of foolishly forgot to talk to Paul (formerly of Arab On Radar, one of my other favorite bands).
Maybe next time.

I don't have that picture yet, but it's probably best I don't post it...
Maybe I should, this damn thing is so boring looking without pictures.
I gotta get on that...

Maybe tomorrow I'll post something related to my music.
Maybe I can post a c@ album with some back story!

Oh, Thanksgiving was decent.
Hope you all had a nice one.
Day after was cool.... er... well... freezing.

As per recent tradition, we went and got our Christmas tree.
Unlike usual, we actually got it up and put lights on it the day we got it.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this time of year?
It's quite ridiculous how much, really.

One thing about music I can say, is that Bubblegum Octopus shows may be incorporating a new member for live performance only... I have yet to find a suitable member to fill this role though.
(I hope I didn't say that somewhere in a previous entry)

I also am going to spend a lovely portion of my day tomorrow or sunday repairing the toy keyboard I slammed to the ground at the School of Rock show.
Apparently it looked like I didn't do it intentionally... so hear it from here first:

I knocked my stand with the keyboard on it over on purpose; I also knocked into my table really hard on purpose too.
Being on stage is really fucking boring when you're all alone.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I saw Melt-Banana last night.
I talked to Yasuko.
I don't know how obvious it is in my music... but I really, really, have an almost unhealthy love of Melt-Banana.
The problem is, every time they've come here since I discovered them in 2003/4 (whatever it was), I've had to miss them.

First time or two I had to go to Michigan (where my relatives live) the day they were playing.
In 2007 I was finally able to go, but they changed their tour dates because they had to open for Tool.
Much to no one's surprise, the date they did the make-up show on was three days after I went to Michigan.

Of course, 2008 had no MxBx shows planned for America, so it was back to waiting impatiently for the day to come.

Finally, this year, I received a delightful, engrishy email from the Melt-Banana newsletter.
"Coming to America?!" I shouted with joy and disbelief, and IMMEDIATELY bought my ticket.
If my read on the ticket is correct, I was the 9th person to buy one.

Anyway, needless to say, I went to the show last night, got about 50 dollars worth of merch (on top of the 16 dollar ticket, 15 dollar parking, and however much gas I needed).
Do I regret any of it?

I met fucking Yasuko O!
I gave the band a copy of my CD as a gift!
I saw the best show of my life!

I'm considering going to Connecticut to see them again honestly.
It would be totally worth it.

I was going to post the picture I got with Yasuko, but I won't have it for two weeks.
It was taken by my friend Aircraft (who takes many of the pictures at my local shows, as well as some of those promotional ones I did to help her with an art project) but it was done on film and she won't have them developed and scanned in for two weeks.
I'll certainly be posting it.
I pray to all omnipotent beings that they came out okay.
(I'm sure I look like a total douche because it was my first episode of being "star struck" or whatever... but on a far different level)

I might have a live guitarist for my Massachusetts 3 day micro-mini-tour.
He's the guitarist from my shoegaze/punk/indie/whatever the heck rock band Frame House.
Not sure if he can really do it or not though because of work. We'll find out soon, eh?
I just added some punky guitar parts to a few old songs and I might teach him guitar parts for way newer songs.

I'll have a picture including post soon or something.
If I have nothing particularly fun to post, I'll at least post a link to one of my c@ albums or something... not that those don't already exist.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Introduction: Who/Why

You all (I guess) already know me as an artist, so I think the best way to begin using this is to introduce myself as a person.
(If you'd like to skip me being a person and just find out what this blog is going to include, scroll down to the ------------)

Before I do that though, I might as well explain why I'm even doing this.
I often thought to myself "Hey, I have a blog that friends can read, why don't I do one that everyone can read?"
The problem is that I only had this thought at times where nothing could be done about it... too busy, not home, not by the internet, at rehearsals, etc...
Well, the other day I finally had the thought at the correct time and this was the result.

My reasons for wanting a blog for fans to read is because I want to appear more human and because I myself LIKE hearing from artists I listen to more than just "NEW ALBUM!!!" and "COME SEE ME PLAY AT ________!
I've been impersonated, had people take credit for my music, and treated like some kind of robot for as long as I've been on the internet, but often times in ways that many people don't have to deal with it.

I guess in short, I just want to have a place to post free releases, give some insight on my real life, and have a non-myspace/facebook way to tell you where I'm playing/how my recordings are coming/etc.
I'll have a real website as soon as I find the time and the means, but I'll just integrate this with it most likely.

Now that that's out of the way, let's give you some very long, very boring details on my life:

Saturday, November 21, 2009



I don't really have time to write in this until a little bit later, but thank you for stopping by!
I'll have something here later tonight... a story perhaps?