Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Late update

Well, I don't have much time to write, as I'm on my way to the post office, and then I'll be in Philadelphia for the rest of the week to record with the band Hybegnu and to get some drum stuff recorded for Bad Happy.

I've actually been extremely sick for the past week, so my progress on the album was temporarily inhibited. I'm back into functionality now though, and I expect to know if it will be out in time for January's tour in the next two or three weeks.

Speaking of, plans for the Mixed Emotionz tour are coming along nicely.
A few dates are booked already, but I'm waiting for the line-ups for the shows to be assembled.

The Ultra Death Men album is coming alone nicely as well. Not sure when it will be done though.
We also have a show in Clifton, NJ at the Clash Bar on November 12th. We'll be playing songs from Muscles as well as some new material.

Giggle The Ozone also has a show coming up in early December, somewhere in Brooklyn, but I don't know many details yet.
The new GtO album will actually be out this month and it's going to rule.
I mean, I'm not playing bass on it or anything, but I am sure it's going to be the best one yet.

Fork Sister –making it's first appearance on this blog, I do believe– is actually back to being an active endeavor. Nothing substantial will probably be done this year, but Savory Sauces (the much belated 2007 album) will get some vocals recorded and a free release, followed by new material written with the project being a two piece.
Shows are also in the works.

Alright, time to be on my way!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Release schedule (I... really hope)

Alright, I successfully got on here in time for the weekly update. I think this bodes well for future upkeep of the blog.
Because I didn't skip over 20 days of touring, recording, and planning this time, it won't be nearly as long as last time.

Earlier in the year I posted a release schedule for everything... and I failed to meet the goals I set for myself miserably. Between insomnia messing my life up, having a non-distance restricted relationship, and having shows and touring pretty regularly, I wasn't prepared for what this year would be like (not that it's over yet, obviously.)

So, with all of that in mind, here is a far more reasonable, far more realistic (though still very difficult) recording release schedule. I won't make promises, just in case things happen beyond my control:

Bad Happy - 2nd full length - December 2010/January 2011 (I'm really pushing myself!)

Clotilde - split w/ Les Trucs - temporarily on hiatus. Solace Media decided to not put it out.

Sparkle Fountain - 3rd full length - April 2011 (featuring Jon of Ultra Death Men/Palmyra on drums)

Weakness Electronics - free split w/ Watabou - June 2011

Split w/ Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - free mp3 release - June 2011

Split w/ Spreaders - on Lazy Roar Records - Summer 2011

From The Magical Prince's Mouth - 4th full length - November 2011 (refurbished version of an album I wrote in 2007, featuring Jon on drums and Sean on guitar! Whoa! It's like what really closed minded wangs call a "real" band!)

There are a few other releases coming up, obviously, but I really don't know when to expect them, so I won't post more about them until I do.

Oh, and just so you know... Bubblegum Octopus will remain a solo project.
Sean, Jon, and anyone else who may enter the project in the future will only be appearing as temporary members.
Bad Happy, all of the splits, and the album I am currently writing are all still entirely solo.
Plus, with the exception of some guitar parts and a few drum parts on those albums, all of the writing will still be done by me, and I'll be giving them direction for the parts they write anyway.
Don't fear (^o^!)

Now, as far as Ultra Death Men releases go, Sean is in the process of mixing it again, and the first track sounds pretty great.

Mob Boss is doing fine, but we never get rehearsal opportunities. An EP will happen... eventually.

Frame House, if I haven't mentioned it before, is on indefinite hiatus, unfortunately.
I'd like if Keith made a reappearance into my life, at least long enough to track vocals (not that I wouldn't like to just hang out with him again,) and I'd just do some electronic drums and use the guitar tracks from the demos we recorded to create a pretty killer EP, but for now nothing can be done about it.

The next c@ album just needs to have vocals recorded, but I'm sure you can understand that I'm spending all potential recording time working on Bad Happy right now. Deadlines to meet!

That's all. Hopefully most of this comes as good news!
Send positive vibes, loving comments on to encourage me.
Did I mention I have a website now? I don't have it up and running yet, I just have a domain and hosting space right now, but soon I'll have something really amateur to hold the place of a website until I have someone who knows how to do website crap.