Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall 2012 Update

Hello babies.
Tired as all hell, but I feel like I should update this thing.
(Check out that layout!)

First things first: I put out a new album for a new solo project, called Thing-Worker.
Go download this thing!

It's hideously deformed industrial/harsh noise/power electronics/cybergrind/musique concrete. It's the most abrasive and heavy recording I've done yet and I'm very proud of it. That cover art was a collaboration between Aircraft and I.

I'll be embarking on a tour soon. I didn't update this thing, I don't think, but I was on tour for all of August, as well as 10 days in May, before that (which may have been posted about on this blog).
I swear, shows get better every time I go out. It's really empowering. I need to be out more often! I need to play more, with Bubblegum Octopus, with Ultra Death Men, and with anything and anyone that I can possibly play with!

The tour will be a brief journey starting in North Carolina, jumping through OH, IL, MI, and NY state.

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