Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Update

Hey all.
For those who don't know, I've been making much more frequent posts at jazzycattime.tumblr.com
I'm in the midst of an extreme recap of all of my touring escapades, starting in summer of 2009, extending all the way up until this past summer and beyond.

But let's talk here about the future of Bubblegum Octopus and other projects of mine.
All the meaty bits.
Hybegnu's second album (and the first to feature me) is available for download via bandcamp, or for streaming, what have you, at . The album is called SHE-MASK, and it's a bit of a... "trip".
Bizarro prog-sludge-doom, featuring members of Giggle The Ozone, PAK, Time Of Orchids, Ugh God, Scutopus, and Infidel?/Castro!.

Another release, since last update, was that of my soundtrack for a platforming game called Cheeseman. The soundtrack is available at .
It's mighty BgO-ish, but it's not officially a BgO release. What does that really matter though? ;P

Ultra Death Men, by the way, will finally see their two years overdue EP release. We have made tracklist cuts that have made all three of us happy and inspired, and our agenda for this week is to get the mixing 100%. It's very very close right now.

Other than that, you'll just have to see what I put out. I'm tired of letting people down with false hope!
Maybe that's my resolution for 2012?

Don't forget to just follow my facebook page for more frequent updates.
It's the easiest thing right now, eh?

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