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I've entirely forgotten about this blog. My apologies to anyone who might visit this thing at some point. (Apparently there were 10 views today?? >_>)
This will be a long post, so let's do a cutaway.

Allow me to fill you in on things since that 2012 tour my girlfriend (Aircraft) and I went on:

The tour was crazy. We got into some really weird situations and had some seriously intense drives and moments. One particularly out of control night worth mentioning involved a drive from Austin, TX to Tulsa, OK. We booked a house show on our way there, since the other show we had booked fell through, and when we finally made it to the house, with people there and ready to freak out, they told me they didn't have a sound system. WHOOPS!
It's not their fault, truly, as they didn't know what to expect exactly and I, in my desperation to get a show going, did not mention that I usually travel without a PA. It certainly made things weird. I was apologized to profusely, but I held no ill will. Christine and I drove to the place where we would be staying the night and had to wait for the home owner to get off of work. To save gas, we rolled down the windows and let the fresh air cool off.
Tulsa was dead. Not a single person on any street.
We found the house, parked the car, and turned off the engine... and then we learned why people might not be on the streets.
Apparently, in Tulsa, Tiger Mosquitoes rule everyone's shit. We'd never experienced them before, so when we were getting gigantic welts all over out bodies and intense burning and stinging (Christine got it waaaay worse than me), we thought something especially awful was happening. I drove as fast as I could to a CVS to get antihistamines. After that, we headed back to the apartment and parked again. This time with the windows cracked.
On the side of the building, a dog sat tied up, crying. His middle aged owners, it seemed, were having pretty boring and foul public sex. It looked like they tried to hide themselves, but it was pretty blatant. Disinterested in watching and hearing such a thing (and worrying about the dog) we did everything we could to get them to stop, short of yelling "hey, stop fucking each other in front of us".

Flash forward a bit, to the next morning, and we're in downtown Tulsa, looking for a place to get coffee (I don't drink it, but she has a fondness for black coffee). As we sit in the car, figuring out where we might be able to get some, a burly, dark skinned man with Kenan style dreadlocks, wearing a teal polo and a dollar store, novelty Hawaiian lei walked up to the car. Before I have much of a chance to think about what he might want, he punches my driver side windshield, right at the level of my head, as hard as he probably possibly could have, and stares me down with a look that made me so, so thankful I was in a situation to get away. Christine floored it and we sat in silence for a while as we drove away.
Suffice to say, Tulsa was weird.

Other parts of the tour were great though. We took a detour to Marfa, TX to check out the Chinati and stay in this wacky hotel that was just a bunch of teepees, tents, and trailers on a lot with outdoor bathrooms/showers, an outdoor kitchen, and little lights to help you navigate in the dark.
In Austin, I played one of the better DIY shows I've ever played, at the Wardenclyffe, wherein I got to also select all of the in-between set music. I suspect I exposed most of those people to more shibuya-kei, eurobeat, bemani, and picopico that night than they'd cumulatively experienced in their entire lives, prior. Chris of Yatagarasu/Cheap Skins really knows how to make good shows happen. There were two projections of live visuals, two projections of video games you could play (NES and C64), baked goods and chocolate NES controllers, and a rhumba.

A show in the forest, new friendships, cool house shows, cool venue shows, almost getting caught in a street brawl, amazing food, a girl getting knocked out of a window (she's okay) at a house show mosh... I dunno how to get into it all without taking up a dozen more paragraphs, but it was a good journey.

After that, I had some down time for a bit. I finished composing Elemental Pink, which you can hear an instrumental from on my soundcloud (the track is called I Work For Dogs.) I also remixed my friends crochetcatpause and Monomate. You can hear the Monomate remix on my soundcloud, too. The ccp one used to be there but I've taken it off temporarily.

Then Ultra Death Men (who just posted our debut EP for free on our bandcamp) and Bubblegum Octopus did a short tour together, to get out to Detroit for a big, weird show called CODE NAME: DRACULA. The drummer and guitarist of UDM also accompanied me for my BgO sets, as a test for the functionality of such a configuration. It was a lot of fun, albeit a particularly stressful tour.
Superstorm Sandy hit on the last day of our tour and we got stranded up in Buffalo, NY. Thankfully, Sean and Jon had family that was willing to let us stay with them for a few days before we headed back home to the apocalyptic nightmare that was New Jersey. Our areas weren't even hit that particularly badly and things were still ultra grim and dystopic.

Between October and the end of the year, I composed another album, called Small Pals, Big World, which unfortunately won't be out for another few years, given my track record. I haven't posted anything from that yet, but I play a track or two from it when I play solo these days.

I also started another new project, but I won't have releasable material ready for that for a bit yet.

On the day of the apocalypse (remember, when the world ended and all that?) I released a new album that just went under my name, called Beckoning Charm. It's very different than anything else I've put out, as it's a collection of very stoic, atmospheric, electronic improvisations, and quite minimal.

The new year brought stresses about how long it's been since I wrote the album I can't ever know things, the album that I'll be releasing next. It's been entirely too long, but so long as everyone involved keeps up, it'll be out at the end of October (though if you catch me at shows on the tour I'll be on that month, you can get a copy before it officially releases.)

In March, I drove out to MI and recorded Watabou's debut EP, which will be out kinda soon I believe. I also played two shows, the last solo sets I've done since.

In April, Bubblegum Octopus did a month long tour as a three piece band, featuring Jon and Sean of UDM. We played some of the best shows of my life, and we somehow even managed to play a headlining show at a bigger venue with pricey-ish tickets and do pretty alright for ourselves, attendance-wise. The whole tour brought me into such positive environments and into the company of people so passionate about life or about what I do and whatever else. I started to really, really feel like I'm doing something that matters with this project.

After that, I went out to Philly to do live electronics for Watabou at 8static, and crochetcatpause at a weird show in a church in the hood. I got incredibly, incredibly ill on this little two day expedition.

In May, I toured across the entire country in the most slapdash fashion possible. Five days before the tour started, I got ahold of Travis (Watabou) to learn my guitar parts and come out on tour with me.
It was the most spirit breaking and physically exhausting venture of my entire life, but it felt like an extreme rite of passage. I feel as though I came out of the ordeal very much fortified.

The April and May journeys need a huge post each.

Now, I sit here in my room, thinking about the future.
I have a calendar in front of me. I'm scared of saying I'll do things and then failing, like I usually do, so I'm just going to say what the calendar says:
According to my calendar, I have two - four shows coming up in the next two weeks.
According to my calendar, I can't ever know things comes out in October, the drums are being recorded at the end of this month and I literally just recorded another song's vocals.
I feel pretty good about that part.
According to my calendar, I'll be releasing a remastered version of c@'s third full length, Dead Kitten Wasteland, as a digital download, next week, and a three minute BgO EP two weeks after that.

In November, my calendar says the Thing-Worker split tape with Yatagarasu is going to come out through his new DIY label.
In January, the c@ album from 2010 will finally come out, as well as a discography release of all of Fork Sister's material, with an accompanying, one week Fork Sister tour the next month.
In March, Bubblegum Octopus is supposed to tour for almost the entire month as a two or three piece.

That's where my calendar goes blank.
It's also where this post ends.
My tumblr is more active than this blog, but not nearly as active as most tumblrs. If you're into that sorta thing.

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