Thursday, May 26, 2011

New project and upcoming albums of all sorts

Those of you following me on Facebook or Twitter are probably aware that my life recently hit a crazy crossroads. I'm not really the type to discuss my personal issues in detail in public forum, but when it affects the music in any way, I need to at least address that "something happened, this is what it's causing"
That said, life has been steadily improving, with some drops in spirits every now and again, but the emotional whirlwind has done a number for cleaning out my head and piling up all kinds of new garbage.

So what's the point of reiterating these facts?
Well, for one, two BgO albums have been indefinitely put on hold: They are the late 2007/early 2008 full length, From The Magical Prince's Mouth (which was going to be a vinyl/mp3 release through Placenta Recordings) and the late 2008 full length, Sparkle Fountain (which is an hour long and was going to feature me on a ton of live percussion and a real drummer on almost every track.)
These albums aren't canned, but it's easier for me to think of them that way for now, just so I don't stress out about them anymore. Unlike the other albums that I figuratively have under my rug, I really wanted to get these done ASAP until the recent changes in my life occurred. They just don't feel relevant anymore and it's going to take another specific set of changes and some inspiring nostalgia to get me over it.

Certainly though, the news is not all bad.
As I said, this has helped me clear out my thoughts and given me all kinds of new ideas.
I've begun composing a new BgO full length... but I'm going to withhold the name of it for now, just in case I change my mind.
Regardless of what I call it, the album is absolutely already the weirdest thing I've done yet.
To add to that, only one of the 10+ songs I've begun writing for it has any chiptune sounds at all, and I don't imagine the number will go up much from there.

Other project news:

Ultra Death Men's debut, Muscles, finally has a projected release of July, exactly one year after we recorded it (hah) and it's going to be a free release, with a limited run of numbered CD-Rs printed. We'll also be recording our second album in July.
Hopefully more shows both local and slightly farther away will accompany the release of the first album.

The Hybegnu album also has a deadline in the July/August timeframe. We're going to all sit down and have a final listening session before final mixes are created sometime this coming month. We started with 6+ hours of recorded material, so it's been a bit of an ordeal. It's finally sounding awesome though.

Oh... and yeah... I have a new project... and it's another solo project.

I know you're inevitably wondering why I would want to do that. I've worked under at least eight monikers as a solo artist (plus maybe some I'm not telling you about) and BgO is the only one with substantial notoriety. People constantly suggest I just keep them all packed together so all potential fans of a given album or sound can be drawn to the same place.
And I understand that.
But as always, it's just a matter of what feels right to me based on sonic content and thematic ideologies. The reasons for a new name have nothing to do with a desire to look more busy or more prolific than I am and I am not trying to just push a bunch of different things at the populous and just ride whichever one gets the most popular until the spark fizzles out.

The aesthetic of this new project isn't even entirely new for me. It's lyrically self-deprecating, blatant, and gratuitous, which was once a c@ staple, but I just couldn't convince myself that these songs fit in there.
It could have been the next "m@ the c@" offering, as I vowed a while ago to put a stop to new solo projects and use that name as a receptacle for all my musical non-sequiturs, but that didn't seem appropriate either for some reason.
This project is gross, and to feel more comfortable being this blatant and disgusting, I felt like I needed to feel completely different.
The best way to do that, I find, is to just totally pretend that I'm different. It's remarkably effective in art, as well as in life.

I initially pretend the project was called "Twat Bitch" because nothing I could have come up with if my project was called "Twat Bitch" would ever have seemed too offensive. In fact, I'd have to work pretty hard to get up to that level. That's a damn tasteless name.
With that facade and the assortment of negative feelings I've been harboring as my muse, I developed these usually slow, harsh, grotesque, industrial/noise/gabber/digital hardcore/whatever songs, comprised mostly software drum machines, hardware noise, digitally manipulated samples, and real-time processed vocals. It's entirely ugly.

Of course, the project doesn't really have that name, I'm calling it "Thing-Worker"
(Feel free to over-think the meaning of that name.)

Here is a sample of what will be on this album.

I expect that a lot of BgO fans will have no interest in this project at all, but I also expect that people who don't like BgO in the slightest will gravitate towards it if they hear it....
However, I have been using this project as a way to experiment with weird things I want to incorporate in BgO, without having to commit to them in the context of a project that has very strict quality standards... so maybe this is just one more of a long series of recent signals that it's the end-o-times for the "nintendocore" fans interest in me... and I don't have a single complaint about that :)

Until next time!

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